Mintons TeaRoom
We invite you to enjoy the best tea & coffee in Nottingham at Minton's TeaRoom on the B600 road, Moorgreen.






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"You are now visiting one of the best coffee shops in Nottinghamshire's D. H. Lawrence Country."

Drop in at Minton's TeaRoom. You'll find us on the B600 road near Moorgreen where you'll enjoy a wide range of delicious sandwiches and toasties... hot dishes expired domains Ireland include everything from British hot pot to Greek food (served with a hot buttered bread roll)...  desserts including cream teas, homemade tarts, cakes, fresh fruit, and ice-cream... at one of the best places to eat in Nottinghamshire.

All Minton's food is freshly prepared using the best ingredients.  For example,wicked tickets Roger will only purchase the finest cheddar cheese from a local farm supplier. One customer recently commented that Minton's has the best jacket lion king tickets potatoes with cheese in the known universe!

"Young people are also most welcome at Minton's"

You are very welcome to come to Minton's with children. A great children's menu is available so seo web hosting you are all able to enjoy your meal together. Children can also play outside in paddling pools and sand pits in the Summer. Children's .out site toys and colouring books are provided free of charge in the Winter for fun at the table. There are even a variety of games to keep your children happy while you enjoy your meal.

Minton's is Disabled-Friendly with wheelchair access and a Braille menu. Group Bookings, Party Food & Catering Enquiries Please Call Roger seo london or Judy Martin on Langley Mill (01773) 710426.